bridge firefighters


BRIDGE will deliver socio-technical innovation in multi-agency emergency collaboration. Ethnographical work will construct a deep understanding of the First Responders’ domain, also in terms of social, legal and ethical issues. The technical platform will deliver:

  • Methods and tools that support run-time intra- & inter-agency collaboration;
  • A middleware allowing data, system & network interoperability;
  • Advanced human-computer interaction techniques for effortless exploration of high-quality information enhanced organizational workflows & communication processes.

Bridging resources and agencies in large-scale emergency management

BRIDGE is a collaborative project co-funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme. BRIDGE will build a system to support interoperability – both technical and social – in large-scale emergency management. The system will serve as a bridge between multiple First Responder organisations in Europe, contributing to an effective and efficient response to natural catastrophes, technological disasters, and large-scale terrorist attacks.

Domain Analyses

In BRIDGE, innovation is facilitated through a collaborative and experimental design process with strong user engagement. WP2 “Domain Analyses” functions as the ‘engine room’ where insights from domain analysis undertaken by different partners and in relation to different tasks are brought together. Providing those insights to the technical WPs drives technical designers to translate those into their design.


Research Activities

The BRIDGE project aims at increasing the efficiency of multinational crisis response by the enhancement of new technology processes and organization. This means an optimization of the technology with which people can, want, or need to work, rather than forcing the users to change the way they work due to the behaviour of a software system. Thus, the integration and participation of end-users plays a key role in the development of safety-critical systems in the domain of emergency response and security. Therefore, BRIDGE aims to integrate, motivate and activate different relevant stakeholder end-user groups (e.g., employees, partners, customers, citizens, end-users) to establish a strong, continuous and extensive user-centred design approach in BRIDGE.